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People driven!!!

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's experience through our sport boardgames, kits & online quiz competitions for consumers, firms & governments.  

T -GLOBALs mission is to hold indoors and outdoors competitions on several levels with the manufactured sport boardgames, kits & online quizzes on several levels & in many forms.

The aim is to become well known internationally as a brand name, which offers value for money. In addition, the brand name is to be managed through close contact with partners & stakeholders around the world. By marketing sport boardgames, kits & online quiz competitions to various geographical markets and several segments, the risk is reduced to a minimum. We consider all partners & stakeholders to be the greatest asset, because in the future, having the competitive edge require flexibility and close contact in the various geographical markets.  

Our Team

Our Team

Christian Gregersen
David Hindersson
Diana Goldstein
Hans Grube
Hasibur Rahaman
Online B2C
Webtester and MQS
Henrietta Czangar
Online B2C
Hotel & hospitality
Henrik Busch
Jack Macklin
IoT, python, database
Jose Gonzalez
Contact, opportunity, new customers
Leon Correia
Michael Alstrøm
Intellectual property, contract
Mogens Schrøder Bech
Preben Ganzhorn
Rui Mei xu
Value added for Chinese firms